British Association of Dental Therapists

Website & Member Management

Before implementation of this new website and management system, the BADT were struggling with an antiquated system of updating user membership and billing information - proving difficult to keep everything in sync.

Our solution was to integrate both the resource dashboard and membership services into one new website interface. This would allow BADT administrators to manage all aspects of the BADT membership experience from one place. Because the BADT admins were familiar with the Wordpress backend, we agreed to implement a highly custom Wordpress solution.

BADT administrators are now able to create events, update resources, manage users, add payment information and so much more all from 1 Wordpress dashboard.

Users are also able to access and edit their membership information, this includes editing payment information, upgrading their plan where applicable and downloading invoices.

The BADT has continued to see increased membership revenue, thanks to automatic billing as well as the benefits they are now able to offer their members.


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