TCO Washroom Systems Website

Bespoke E-Commerce Website & Warehouse Management System

We created a bespoke E-Commerce website and order management system for TCO which also incorporated an interactive product builder. Since launch, TCO have seen a dramatic increase in online sales.

The brief from TCO was simple, give their customers a way to order and customise cubicles - something which could only be done over the phone previously. We created a VueJS product customiser which would allow users, to preview cubicle colours as well as provide dimensions for the finished product.

The customiser has been built around a REST API exposed by the backend, allowing TCO to quickly and effortless change which options are available for each product, as well as edit the form fields required for purchase.

The customiser is able to validate the user submission, based on what admins have set in the backend. This has cut the time spent chasing customers who have entered incorrect details.

Purple Mountain Media also manage the hosting and content distribution for TCO, meaning the site is extremely fast to load even on poor connections. This is extremely important for their user base, as often orders are placed by contractors while on site where internet connection is often limited.