The “Have you updated that spreadsheet” problem

Spreadsheets are a really great tool to organise data and keep your business / operation moving, especially with the introduction of cloud based spreadsheets such as Google Sheets and Office365. Keeping your spreadsheets in the cloud means you can collaborate with others in real time as well as the ability to access your information from anywhere in the world.

Examples of what type of data these spreadsheets may hold, may include orders to be fulfilled, customers to contact, requests for samples to name but a few.

You might well be reading this, thinking “this is exactly why we use spreadsheets” and you will therefore recognise the many benefits of keeping data in the cloud. However you will also recognise some of the limitations of this approach. Often these type of spreadsheets are only as good as the data that is entered into them and can often not communicate effectively with other business resources, such as your accounting software, or ECommerce system (if you have one). You also may find yourself working across multiple spreadsheets or searching online for that formula! Another common issue being, it is hard for spreadsheets to be proactive, meaning they rely on your or your colleagues to continually keep them up to date, they cannot go out and fetch data on their own.

These problems are all too common, and is why a lot of our clients turn to us – to help put in place custom solutions that help bring this data together and make it work for your business.

Examples on project we have worked on that address these issues are, a bespoke production management system for TCO Washroom Systems, Inventory Management System for Education Inventory and a Member Billing platform for the British Association of Dental Therapists, to name but a few.

The software that we build can live in the cloud, or on your mobile devices or workstations and can help you run your business more effectively.

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