Web Development

Web Development refers to the work involved in developing and maintaining a web site accessible either for the public Internet (the World Wide Web) or on a private network (intranet). Developers are typically split between three roles: front-end, back-end, and full stack.

Front-End developers are responsible for creating the web page that is presented to the user, including the content and images that are rendered. This can include obtaining and viewing data from a database or through scripting, and maintaining Content Management Systems (CMS) available to administrators or staff that maintain the website.

Back-End developers maintain the hardware and server software that runs the process of serving files and data to the front-end web pages. This can include a whole manner of data, from HTML documents to database queries. Without a properly configured server, web browsers and other servers would be unable to retrieve the documents and files needed to render the page to a user.

Full Stack developers will work on both front-end and back-end development, and typically understand the working of the entire system behind hosting and serving content from a web server down to the Operating System level. They will usually have experience across a number of different systems and hardware requirements, and are knowledgable on scaling their applications to work on almost any platform they’re required to. Most developers do not consider themselves full stack developers until they have many years of development under their belt.

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